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It's Monday, and we know that getting the week started can be tough. We're here to help by letting you peek into the recording booth when the Engadget HD podcast goes to tape on Monday, November 9thth at 6:30PM ET. Think of it as a kind of time machine that will help you power through your day by reviewing what happened in the week HD-wise. Embedded Ustream tools and a list of topics after the break.
Microsoft emancipates Digital Cable Tuners with second Media Center update today
RVU Alliance gets Motorola, Pace, Thomson and others to dream the multiroom dream
TiVo's AN0100 802.11n WiFi adapter hits the FCC, stirs up imaginations
Are DVRs actually going to save the network TV model?
A la carte lawsuit against cable companies dismissed
Forget HDTV and 3D, when is Ultra HDTV / Super Hi-vision coming home?
VUDU brings Pandora, Picasa and Flickr to connected HDTVs, promises more apps soon
Managed Copy hits Blu-ray Discs December 4th, but you still can't use it
Netflix instant streaming demoed on PlayStation 3 (updated with more video!)
Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime squashes Wii HD rumors... again
Ready for the first all-HD Winter Olympics? NBC is
Poll: Did you like the new show V?

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