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Samsung's 4Gb DDR3 RAM modules could put 8GB in your next netbook

Darren Murph

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Rhett and Link (and one Bill Gates, too) may assume that 64KB of memory is "plenty," but let's be realistic here -- it's not. Samsung's fully in agreement, and it's looking to make your next DIMM or SODIMM a lot more capacious with a new 40nm-class process technology. As the story goes, volume production has begun on a new 4Gb DDR3 module, which could be squeezed onto existing sticks in order to produce 16GB / 32GB DIMMs (for desktops) and 8GB SODIMMs (for laptops). There's no clear indication of when this whole "mass production" thing will lead to "on sale right now," but we're guessing it'll make the transition between "now" and "really soon." Bonus video after the break.

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