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Sony's scheming a streaming music and video subscription service, too?

Sean Hollister

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Perhaps you've heard that Apple's investing in digital video distribution at the moment? Perhaps you've read that Amazon's working on a subscription video network, too? Sony makes number three, as the Financial Times is reporting the electronics giant is looking to launch a multimedia platform of its own. Starting with the PlayStation 3 and PSP, and then later extending to internet-connected Sony TVs, Blu-ray players, Vaio computers and phones, the service will reportedly offer both music and video sometime next year in what's no doubt an attempt to work out deep-seated guilt at the death of Connect. You won't have to wait nearly that long, however, to find out what's what -- the publication says Sir Stringer intends to preempt Apple's six-string reveal by announcing the PlayStation Network-based service from IFA 2010 in Germany. Call us crazy, but this sounds like a perfect fit for the Sony's out-of-the-blue $130 Netbox.

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