Sony's Netbox streams Netflix, YouTube and other internet stuff for $130

We can't say there's a real shortage of streaming, set-top boxes on the market, but that doesn't mean we won't welcome Sony's addition with open arms. Not to be confused with a netbook or a nettop, the Netbox streams Sony's Bravia Internet services -- YouTube, Netflix, DailyMotion, etc. -- as well as supports a "wide range" of video formats including DivX and MKV. Although it's got 802.11n WiFi baked in, the rather compact box has an Ethernet port around back as well as an USB jack on the front for hooking up an external hard drive for watching any of your legally-downloaded (obviously!) videos. Sadly, when we got to check out the Netbox earlier today it wasn't connected to a network -- go figure, with all those connectivity options -- but the software was up and running, and we got to take a peek at the remote app on an Xperia X10. Fret not, the free app will be available for the iPhone and other Android phones. Look, we'd understand holding out for a BRAVIA with Google TV, but all in all for $130 we wouldn't blame you for heading off to Sony right now and picking one of these little guys up.