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Boxee Box priced at $199, Avner Ronen says it'll give users 'freedom to watch what you want'

Nilay Patel

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Well, what's this? Our homey Avner Ronen from Boxee just posted up a little response to Apple's $99 next-gen Apple TV announcement, and he's letting it slip that the much-anticipated Boxee Box will be $100 more than Apple's device, or $199. Avner says Boxee has a "different view of what people want in their living rooms," and that while his device might be more expensive, it'll let you watch anything you can watch on your computer on your TV in 1080p -- the ATV is still limited to 720p. We certainly know a lot of passionate Boxee fans who agree -- now all Avner's got to do is ship the damn thing and let this play out in the actual market.

P.S.- Yes, we will cover almost anything that includes a YouTube embed of "Rudie Can't Fail." Well played, Mr. Ronen. Well played indeed.

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