Boxee Box delayed until November

We were starting to think something was up with the Boxee Box as Q2 started to fade away without any word on the scheduled launch, and unfortunately we were right: Boxee has just confirmed to us that its hotly-anticipated media streamer will be delayed until November in the US and Canada. Boxee says the original launch plan has proven to be "overly ambitious," and that the delay is purely software-related -- the Tegra 2 based hardware we saw at CES will remain the same.

If we had to guess, we'd say at least part of the delay can be attributed to Adobe, since Flash 10.1 just went final yesterday and Boxee is depending on it as a core feature, but either way, the company's goal to provide the full PC Boxee experience complete with full-res 1080p video playback from virtually any local or remote source on a small embedded platform is an ambitious one -- we've got our fingers crossed, let's hope we hear good news from Avner Ronen and crew come November.