Boxee Box interface demo video

We're already gone hands-on with the Boxee Box and its sweet QWERTY RF remote, but now that we know there's a dual-core Tegra 2 in there it's time for a little interface demo with founder Avner Ronen. First things first: yes, it ran Hulu in the browser -- but the network connection on the show floor was acting up, so we couldn't demo it very well. Avner tells us the built-in browser IDs itself as essentially standard Mozilla, so we'll have to see if Hulu goes out of its way to block it --it's definitely still possible, but it'll take some work. Apart from that minor drama, we've got to say we're incredibly impressed -- the interface was lightning fast, the remote's keyboard felt great, and we're liking the Facebook / Twitter integration, which mines your feeds for videos posted by your friends and displays them on the home page. Avner tells us he thinks D-Link will be "aggressive" with that under-$200 price point when the Box launches in Q2, and there'll be tons of content partners at launch. Video after the break!