3DS owners reporting sporadic 'Black Screen of Death,' how is yours treating you?
You've read our Nintendo 3DS review, where we found it to be a generally fun but still somewhat flawed handheld gaming experience. Now it's been released to the world, and to the willing hands of Triforce Johnson, and we're left wondering what all of you think. We're also hearing scattered word of a supposed "Black Screen of Death," where the system indicates "An error has occurred" while playing a variety of games and has to be rebooted. We saw no such glitches in our testing, but what about you?
How is your 3DS treating you?
No problems here. Full 3D to the max!3920 (12.9%)
I like it, but I'm still unsure about this whole 3D business.804 (2.6%)
I hate it. My Virtual Boy was easier on the eyes.757 (2.5%)
I've seen the BSOD. It's a visual representation of my mood.569 (1.9%)
Madden and another Nintendogs? I'm holding out for better games.1724 (5.7%)
I'm waiting for Sony's next three-letter portable.3486 (11.4%)
My smartphone has, like, eighty emulators on it.5256 (17.2%)
I don't play games, but I really like poll results.13968 (45.8%)