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Toshiba's P770 and P775 3D Satellite laptops do 120Hz on the go

Tim Stevens

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Toshiba's 3D monocle may have been a joke, but what you're looking at above is not. It's one of the latest additions to its 3D Satellite lineup, now growing to include the P770 and P775 3D. Both include massive 18.4-inch displays that clock in at 120Hz, enabling use of NVIDIA active-shutter glasses -- which you'll have to find a spot for in your laptop bag. Dual webcams in the bezel let you add a little depth to your video calls, while the HDMI output can manage depth-enabled content too. There's a re-writeable Blu-ray drive and what's sure to be a massive price tag to match, though that part has yet to be confirmed by Toshiba. We don't have a release date just yet either.

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