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Samsung Romania's Twitter account either leaked the next Nexus or just reposted some blog rumors


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So far rumors of the next Nexus phone have been mostly whispered and unverifiable, but they appeared to get a strong confirmation when confirmation and specs were spotted on the Samsung Romania Twitter account (@SamsungMobileRO). Romanian business paper ZF grabbed the tweets saying the Nexus Prime would feature a Super AMOLED HD (1280 x 720) screen and Android 4.0 when it ships later this year, however when contacted, Samsung reps deleted them and claimed the information originated from an outside source. That outside source could be a rumor posted on the Boy Genius Report the day before mentioning the same specs, as well as the possibility of "halo" Ice Cream Sandwich phones from HTC and Motorola at the same time. For now we'll lean towards believing the company line, but if any of the Samsung social media accounts ever cough an accidental DM or two (who hasn't done it?) we'll consider them more carefully.

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