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GDrive test page pops up in Google search, inches closer to an actual product


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The GDrive leaks and rumors have started up again in earnest, really for the first time since 2007. The service seemed to destined for the dustbin when Docs started accepting any type of file, but in September hints started dropping that Drive may be resurrected. The latest interesting, if not entirely telling development, is a link to a "test page for Platypus (GDrive)" that pops up when you Google "Writely," the online word processor that eventually became Google Docs. Those with more robust memories may remember that Platypus was the codename attached to Google's cloud storage solution back when it was originally being dogfooded. Clicking on the link takes you Google Docs, just as any URL would, but that does line up nicely with what we've heard about Drive being a rebranded Docs -- potentially with a file syncing component. Hopefully the Mountain View crew will take the covers off this bad boy soon -- we can't take much more of this mystery and intrigue stuff.

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