Google gDisk to become official service?

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Thomas Ricker
November 27, 2007 6:55 AM
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Google gDisk to become official service?

We've all toyed around with those gDisk exploits in the past right? You know, those programs which turned the left-over storage from your Google GMail account into a remote hard drive. Good, because The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Google plans to launch a remote storage service as early as "a few months from now." Or so say "people familiar with the matter." While a Google spokeswoman refused to comment on specific storage plans, she did say, "storage is an important component of making Web [applications] fit easily into consumers' and business users' lives." The service would be free (GMail already tops 5GB of free storage) with additional storage available for a fee. Interesting when you consider the launch of Android, Google's possible bid for a chunk of 700MHz spectrum and rumored interest in Sprint's WiMax infrastructure. Hell, perhaps this might even kickoff that rumored .Mac overhaul you faithful subscribers have been waiting (and waiting) for.
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