Apple's .Mac getting a Google overhaul?

Man, is there a Steve Jobs keynote today or something? Oh, right, the WWDC hype machine is in town. As such, we've got another tasty rumor to tide you over until things kick off later today. MacScoop has it that Apple's .Mac is about to get a helpful hand from Silicon Valley buds, Google. According to their sources, Apple's neglected .Mac service is set for a Google infrastructure overhaul which includes updated pricing, more services, and an increase in storage. The revamped offering is expected to offer free Google services bundled with traditional .Mac offerings at variable pricing schemes but similar levels of integration with OS X. Of course, it's only a rumor but it certainly seems plausible. After all, Google's cloud offerings have rapidly matured since Apple's .Mac launch in 2002. More telling perhaps, is Jobs' response at All Things D to a question about .Mac's shortcomings: "I couldn't agree with you more and we will make up for lost time in the very near future." That was less than 2 weeks ago. The possibilities are certainly tantalizing... push-Gmail to the iPhone anyone?