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Droid Xyboard accessories arrive at Verizon, can't hide from Mr. Blurrycam

Joe Pollicino

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If you've had any doubts regarding the likelihood Motorola Mobility's Xoom 2 LTE tablets arriving at Verizon under the Droid Xyboard moniker, Mr. Blurrycam would like you to have a gander at the picture above. Following the 8.2 and 10.1-inch variants being handled by CNET last week, and soon after caught passing through the FCC, a trio of snapshots have now been posted over at Droid-Life of what's said to be some the device's optional accessories. Among the lot, you'll find a Smart Cover-esque Protective Portfolio for the 8.2-incher, two versions of an HD dock, and lastly, set screen films for the 10.1-inch version. While there's still no definitive word on price or availability, it certainly appears like a formal reveal of the slates will be zooming in imminently. Hit the source link below for all the details.

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