Motorola Xyboard tablet says hello to FCC, totes Verizon LTE bands (update: two tablets!)

Could this be the Motorola Xyboard Media Edition with Verizon's LTE making its way through the FCC? The tablet sports LTE band 13 -- Big Red's particular flavor -- as well as CDMA / EVDO. It also technically houses GSM / EDGE / WCDMA functionality, though the government documents state that it's SIM-locked and disabled by firmware. The docs also give us a good healthy diagram of its back, which clearly shows the same outline and angled corners seen on the Xoom 2 Media Edition, as well as the same camera and LED flash configuration (seen in the gallery below). Our prediction: what we're seeing here is Verizon's iteration of the 8-inch Xyboard Media Edition complete with LTE. Hopefully we'll learn soon enough, and we'll keep digging in the meantime to see if we can uncover any other interesting nuggets of info.

Update: Shortly after the 8-inch version cleared the FCC, its 10-inch sibling -- also bearing Verizon LTE -- made it through as well. We're likely seeing the pair of Xyboard tablets that we reported on earlier today.