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Google Play Music and Movies purchasing reaches Google TV, patches a media strategy hole
Toys R Us launches family-friendly internet movie service, plans Tabeo access, HD video and more
LG's Smart TV platform starts renting out Disney 3D movies, offers new buyers $50 worth
Dish gives up effort to turn Blockbuster into a Netflix competitor
Netflix schedules its original series 'House of Cards' for release February 1st
Cablevision inks deal with The Walt Disney Company, brings WatchESPN and more to subscribers
SlingPlayer for Android gets a long-awaited update, adds reminders and better Android 4 video quality
Spider-Man Blu-ray comes with a Second Screen app for iPad and Sony's Android tablets
Amazon adds closed captions to select Instant streams
MythTV updated to 0.26, hints at 'more exciting' 0.27 coming next year
Ceton announces slight delay for Echo WMC extender, Q DVR shelved indefinitely
Sharp 'Moth Eye' LCD Panel demo shows off future HDTVs with less glare
MoviePass launches iPhone app and card combo, takes unlimited viewing to all US theaters
Must See HDTV (October 8th - 14th)

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