Ceton announces slight delay for Echo WMC extender, Q DVR shelved indefinitely

Ceton has, as promised, provided more information on upcoming hardware, however there's not a lot of good news to go around. The bad news is that the Windows Embedded-based Q DVR we were looking forward to will not launch this year. There's a possibility it may launch in 2013, however questions about whether Microsoft will continue to support Windows Media Center in future versions of its Embedded platform are keeping any potential launch plans in doubt. On a slightly brighter note, while the Echo Media Center extender is delayed slightly and the beta units have not yet gone out, Ceton still anticipates a release in time for the holiday season. Finally, there's a positive update on the suite of Media Center companion apps, which are now available on the B&N Nook and Kindle Fire HD as well as optimized for the iPhone 5. Relive our CES 2011 hands-on in video form after the break, we'll get started organizing a march on Redmond to make this happen.