DNP Tokyoflash launches the Kisai Maru watch, lets you live out your Tony Stark fantasies video

It's that time of the week when Tokyoflash launches another one of its charming, barely-decipherable timepieces. Except, this time out, the face is eminently readable -- with the only baffling addition a ring that joins the minute and hour hands. While it's available in black and silver, the sienna variant with its reddish-brown casing go hand-in-hand with the bracelet's chunky stylings to make it eerily reminiscent of Tony Stark's superhero outfit. If you'd to indulge your own arc reactor-infused fantasies, the company is selling the timepiece for $109 (€85, £68) until 2:00 AM ET Saturday, after which it'll set you back $149 (€116, £93). If you want to take a moment to see it in action before you order a cheeseburger and declare yourself Iron Man, head on past the break.

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