Tokyoflash launches the Kisai Maru watch, lets you live out your Tony Stark fantasies (video)

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It's that time of the week when Tokyoflash launches another one of its charming, barely-decipherable timepieces. Except, this time out, the face is eminently readable -- with the only baffling addition a ring that joins the minute and hour hands. While it's available in black and silver, the sienna variant with its reddish-brown casing go hand-in-hand with the bracelet's chunky stylings to make it eerily reminiscent of Tony Stark's superhero outfit. If you'd to indulge your own arc reactor-infused fantasies, the company is selling the timepiece for $109 (€85, £68) until 2:00 AM ET Saturday, after which it'll set you back $149 (€116, £93). If you want to take a moment to see it in action before you order a cheeseburger and declare yourself Iron Man, head on past the break.

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