Here's a timepiece that was acceptable in the '80s. This week, Tokyoflash is channeling Elite, Tron and Tempest to create the Kisai Space Digits. Like its difficult-to-read brethren, it's available in steel, gold or black and comes with a date, alarm, EL backlight and, most essentially, a "warp speed" animation. As usual, if you order before December 6th, it'll set you back $99 (€77, £61), but if you can't scrape together the cash in time, then you can pick 'em up afterwards for $129 (€100, £80). Fancy watching a tutorial on how to read the thing? Video's after the break, space cadets.

Tokyoflash Kisai Space Digits

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Tokyoflash goes all '80s with its Space Digits watch (video)