Lenovo teases nextgeneration ThinkPad X series at Expand

Lenovo didn't hold back on the unveils here at Expand, and as if the ThinkPad T431s wasn't enough, the company just teased a next-generation of the X series ThinkPad line. In essence, what we saw is the future 12-inch, SSD-infused variant of the X230, gussied up in the same kind of motif that'll be first showcased on the 14-inch T431s. In other words, we're looking at a slimmer, more streamlined machine that boasts the outfit's new widened trackpad, remapped Function keys and a thinner bezel. We weren't given a price or release date, but we'll be sure to update with more as we get it.

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Lenovo teases next-generation X series ThinkPad at Expand SF 2013

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Lenovo teases next-generation ThinkPad X series at Expand