Big Shot self-assembly digital camera kit finally shipping to curious kids

Big Shot selfassembly digital camera now shipping to curious kids

While we were growing up, you had to take things apart to find out how they broke worked. Big Shot camera sets about things the other way around, coming in kit form to help kids learn exactly what goes into making a camera tick. It's been in the prototype stage long enough for its initial audience to have almost grown up, but none the less it's finally available to buy. The $89 camera has a 3-megapixel sensor, a 1.4-inch LCD screen, plus three lenses for different shooting modes (normal, 3D and panorama). Big Shot's inventor, Prof Shree Naya, has a similar vision to other educational products like the Raspberry Pi and OLPC, where he hopes that if enough sell, he can send some off to children with less resources. That was probably on Naya's mind when he decided to add a hand crank for human-powered operation, making this the wind-up gadget for the Instagram generation.