Ecodigital's windup PMP runs on elbow grease

Trevor Baylis, famed British inventor of the "windup" radio (which runs on cranking power) and all-around bon vivant, has set his sights on a newer form of portable entertainment: the digital media player. Baylis, along with the company Ecodigital, has created a small PMP which never needs to be plugged in -- you simply wind the small crank on the back when you need more juice (although, if you want to go ahead and destroy the planet, it offers USB charging as well). According to the company, one minute (or a third of the new Kelly Clarkson single) of cranking garners 40 sweet minutes of playback, and you can crank to a maximum of 20 hours. The player features a 1.8-inch color screen, 2GB of onboard memory, an SD card slot, FM tuner, line-in recording, and playback of MP3, WMA, ASF, and WAV files. Pre-orders for a mid-August shipment available now for £169.99, or around $344.

[Via SensoryMetrics]