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Bowflex Boost fitness band coming to market in September for $50

Zachary Lutz

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A little bird at the FCC just tipped us off to a low-cost fitness band that's about to hit the market known as the Bowflex Boost. Like competing devices, it promises to track one's daily activities, calories burned and even quality of sleep, but as a key differentiator, it'll cost only $50. Similar to competitors such as the Nike FuelBand, Fitbit Flex and Jawbone Up, it'll also come with a companion iOS app, which syncs fitness data over Bluetooth and helps users stay accountable to their fitness goals. The Bowflex Boost was first announced this month during the earnings call of parent company Nautilus, which will leverage its direct-to-consumer sales channels to bring the bracelet to market in September. We're still curious to see what sort of sacrifices you'll need to make in exchange for the lower cost, but it seems that all will be revealed next month... perhaps in an infomercial.

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