Sony was coy about its prices when the VAIO Flip PC series was unveiled at IFA, but now we have some figures from Japan -- where the same Haswell-powered notebooks are sold as the VAIO Fit 13A, 14A and 15A depending on their screen size. Starting in late October, customers with some spare yen can pre-order these convertible laptops, with the Fit 13A starting from ¥129,800 (about $1,340), the Fit 14A from ¥99,800 (about $1,030) and the Fit 15A from ¥104,800 (about $1,080). Of course, the devices will likely be cheaper when they eventually land in the US, but at least desperate Japan-based folks can grab one as soon as mid-November. Hit the source link, should you wish to study the detailed specs for each SKU.

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