Intel unveils 'dual OS platform' that runs Android and Windows on a single device

Intel just debuted what it's calling "dual OS platform" at its CES 2014 keynote, a technology designed to run both Android and Windows on a single device. With the push of a button, the slate onstage switched from Redmond's OS to Google's mobile operating system almost instantaneously. It's a neat trick, but it isn't the first time we've seen it: ASUS showed off a switching Transformer Book Trio earlier this year and followed that effort earlier today with its Transformer Duet -- but to be fair, Intel's demonstration did seem to swap operating systems a bit faster. Between this and AMD's new use for Bluestacks, we wouldn't be surprised to see more combo devices crop up in the near future.

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Intel Dual OS at CES

Alexis Santos contributed to this report.