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Bend it like robo-Beckham with the U14 Free Kick toy


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Axpro is a Taiwanese company that makes flash drives, so it's surprising to see it building app-connected toys like U14 Free Kick - a game that's a weird hybrid between Frujit Ninja, Subbuteo and Robot Football. Making Fruit Ninja-style swipes on the iOS app determines the power and direction of a free-kick made by a robotic footballer, in the hope of getting it up and over a defending wall. It's been designed for groups of soccerball fanatics who want to show off their ball-curving prowess without doing the real thing, and seems ideal for late night pub competitions. Unfortunately, it won't become commercially available until Axpro finds a distributor, so we might have to clip our nails and dust off that Subbuteo box after all.

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Sharif Sakr received a yellow card for simulation during this report.

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