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Snapchat lets everyone contribute to a shared World Cup photo album


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Snapchat's first Our Story collaborative photo experiment was strictly an opt-in affair where you had to add a user to see it at all. However, the ephemeral image service is now trying something much more ambitious: it's giving every user access to Brazil Final Live, a group photo album that lets sports fans share pictures themed around the World Cup match between Argentina and Germany. Snapchat tells The Verge that it's curating the images to keep them on topic, but it's otherwise taking a relatively hands-off approach; while you'll automatically see the Brazil feed in your friend list, you're not encouraged to use it.

The messaging firm hasn't outlined its long-term plans for Our Story, but it's easy to see where this could go now that it's testing the concept on a grand scale. At the least, it's a way to get you coming back by giving you a peek into exciting things that other Snapchat members are doing. In the long run, though, it could theoretically generate cash -- don't be shocked if advertisers either launch their own ad-laced story feeds or pay for (hopefully temporary) placement.

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