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Fitbit's Tory Burch jewelry makes your activity tracker slightly more fashionable

Jon Fingas , @jonfingas

Even though activity trackers are all the rage, few would call them fashion items. Do you really want explain why you're wearing something so gauche at a wedding or high-brow luncheon? Fitbit isn't happy to have its devices treated as eyesores, though -- it's teaming up with designer Tory Burch to launch jewelry that makes the Flex tracker a little more suitable for upscale gatherings. The newly available collection starts off with a $38 printed silicone bracelet that, to be frank, is just a small step above (?) what you get out of the box; it's more for casual situations than formal galas. If you're up for something more luxurious, you can spring for a brass bracelet or pendant for $195 and $175, respectively. With that said, it's hard to see a truly style-conscious person picking these up in the first place, no matter how nice they look. Many attempts at shoehorning fashion into technology haven't fared well, and there's a good chance that you'll still look a bit silly with a tracker hanging from your neck. May I suggest using your phone instead?

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