The onward march of the selfie, there's no stopping it. Many people shudder at the slightest mention of the (now official) word. Others need only the flimsiest (and sometimes eyebrow-raising) reason to extend one arm and assume the duck face. Unsurprisingly, as with any part of popular culture, there's a backlash. SLMMSK is an "antiselfie" app for iOS (and Android eventually) that subverts the selfie, using the art form's very own weapon of choice -- the filter -- to obscure, rather than enhance, the subject's face. The app also adds a CCTV-esque grain effect and VHS-style timestamp to ramp up the underground vibe. You just need to pull your best grin, say YOLO, and take the snap. The "filters" include a black censor bar, heavy pixelation, warping and more. The dislike for selfies doesn't extend to social sharing though -- you can upload your best shots to Instagram and Facebook and jostle for attention among the uncensored self portraits as per usual. Judging by the associated (and equally anarchic-looking) website, you might even increase your infamy by bagging a featured spot.

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