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Microsoft sells MixRadio to messaging service Line

Matt Brian, @m4tt

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When Microsoft completed its multi-billion dollar purchase of Nokia, it also acquired a number of apps and services that were surplus to requirements. One of those was music-streaming app MixRadio, which spun off as a standalone service earlier this year. That independence didn't last long, however, because it's just found itself a new home. Microsoft announced today that it has reached an agreement to sell MixRadio to Japanese messaging firm LINE, a company that has helped connect smart appliances and pioneer the concept of stickers, to extend the music app's reach to new markets. If you're concerned that today's announcement will affect future streaming on your Windows Phone, worry not: MixRadio head Jyrki Rosenberg says the company will continue to "bring a personalised music experience to Lumia smartphones." It might just mean owners of other devices will get the chance to enjoy it too.

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