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Microsoft is putting the Surface in more stores


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Microsoft announced today that it is expanding the distribution channels for its Surface tablet line ahead of the upcoming Windows 10 global rollout. The Surface is currently sold through "a couple hundred" authorized Surface device distributors, as Gavriella Schuster, General Manager of Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Program, explained in a statement, but will soon grow to a few thousand. Any partner distributor can reportedly sign up for the expanded program assuming they qualify on volume sold. "We expect to get a few thousand resellers to jump on this," Schuster told ZDNet.

Take note, only the Intel-based Surfaces -- Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2, Surface Pro 3 and Surface 3 -- will be getting Windows 10 proper. The ARM-based Surface RT and Surface 2 however will receive a borked Win10 "feature subset" and Microsoft has no timetable for when the subset will be made available.

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