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Nextbit's 'cloud first' smartphone is up for pre-order


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Want your next smartphone to stand out from the crowd? Nextbit's Robin will do just that. The boxy, mint-colored handset (it also comes in a blackish "midnight") was originally funded on Kickstarter, and now it's available for regular pre-orders via BackerKit. The device certainly looks different, but what makes it truly special is its approach to software. Nextbit is doubling down on the cloud -- the Robin has 32GB of internal storage, but that's coupled with an extra 100GB online. If you're starting to near capacity, the phone will automatically shift little-used apps and data into the cloud, ensuring you're never left furiously deleting old photos. That's the theory, anyway -- we're curious to see how it holds up in practice. Kickstarter backers were able to get the phone for as little as $299, but now you're looking at $399 for a regular pre-order. That's not extortionate for an Android flagship, but this is a new startup launching their first phone -- you've got to be brave to buy one, especially when there are similarly priced alternatives like the Nexus 5X.

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