The Rio Chroma = The Rio Karma 2?

Peter Rojas
P. Rojas|07.31.04

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Peter Rojas
July 31st, 2004
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The Rio Chroma = The Rio Karma 2? image
The Rio Chroma = The Rio Karma 2? image
rio karma

Rio accidentally posted up and then removed info on their site about a couple new unannunced MP3 players. The one we're jazzed up about is the Rio Chroma, which is listed as having space enough for 10,000 songs (so probably about 40GB). We're guessing this is probably the long-expected Rio Karma 2  (though it is entirely possible they'll introduce both a 40GB Rio Karma 2 and a 40GB Rio Chroma), which is supposed to be smaller than the original Rio Karma (pictured at right) and feature an SD memory card slot for off-loading photos from a digital camera, a color LCD screen for looking at those photos (hence the name "Chroma"), and digital coax out on its docking station for hooking up to a stereo. The other new unannounced player that turned up was the Rio Forge, a Flash-based model that comes in 128MB, 256MB, and 512MB versions. All three have integrated FM tuners, built-in stopwatch and lap timer, and 24 hours of battery life. We'll have pics of all of these as soon as possible.

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