Om Malik has six questions for Sonos

Peter Rojas
P. Rojas|08.17.04

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Peter Rojas
August 17th, 2004
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Om Malik has six questions for Sonos image
Om Malik has six questions for Sonos image

SonosWe now officially owe Om Malik, the master of and telecom writer for Business 2.0 magazine, a favor. Last week he sat down with Tom Cullen, vice president of marketing for Sonos (a Santa Barbara, California-based start-up working on a wireless digital music system which may or may not have derived some of its inspiration from Apple's iPod) and came back with this short and sweet Q&A for us:

Q: What's the big deal about Sonos and why should anyone care?

A: Because traditional stereo is at risk from the Sonus Digital Music System.
Q: That doesn't really mean anything. These digital consumer devices are pretty darn difficult for Joe Six Pack.
A: I agree. We have focused very much on the set-up, in fact making it an automatic set-up. You can monitor anything from this little wireless controller from anywhere in  the house.
Q: What wireless standard do you use?
A: It is a proprietary mesh wireless networking technology that uses the 2.4 GHz spectrum.
Q: Of all the start-ups you could do, why focus on making a music player, for God's sake?
A: Well, all of us wanted this system for ourselves. And we built it, and now we have a great product that is easy to use and has nice margins.

Q: I heard you were being sued by Apple. Any truth to that rumor?
A: There is no truth to a rumor Sonos being sued by Apple.  Sonos is not being sued by any company for any reason.

When will the product be out in the market? 
A: In October 2004… seriously.

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