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AWOL: Alcohol Without Liquid vaporizer

Katie Fehrenbacher
Katie Fehrenbacher|August 23, 2004 3:38 AM

We're not sure we want to inhale anything these three are selling, but AWOL, or Alcohol WithOut Liquid, debuted their liquid-free alcohol vapor machine in New York this past weekend. AWOL mixes an alcohol like vodka or whisky with pressurized oxygen which you basically suck down for 20 minutes for a hangover-free alcohol hit. The machine looks ultra shady and the mouth pieces look suspiciously like recycled asthma inhalers, but the AWOL site insists that it's all very legal and safe and so forth. Nevertheless a state senator is already introducing legislation to ban the thing and bars and night clubs are decidely uneasy about it. We sure wouldn't feel confident accepting a puff from this smoldering-stared ladies man.