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The most popular cellphones by carrier

Peter Rojas
Peter Rojas|September 8, 2004 6:09 AM

sony ericsson t610Nah, you shouldn't be too surprised if you don't recognize many of the names on this list of the bestselling cellphones by carrier that Om Malik dug up. Usually the bestest and baddest phones aren't the most popular ones, so you won't see the Treo or the MPx200 or the P900 anywhere on a list like this since most people just take whichever handset they can get for free when they sign up for service. What is surprising is seeing how big of a comeback Motorola has made lately,how Samsung is doing a lot better than anyone would have predicted four years ago, and how LG seems to be gaining on just about everybody.

  • AT&T Wireless: Samsung X436, Nokia 3200, LG G4015, Nokia 35095, LG L1150

  • Cingular: Motorola v400, Samsung x427, Nokia 1100/3100, LG 1200/1210.

  • Nextel: Motorola i730 (we expect the i830 to gain in popularity at retail stores following expected price cuts)

  • Sprint: Sanyo 8200, Samsung 680

  • T-Mobile: Motorola v600, Motorola v300, Nokia 6800, Sony Ericsson T610 (pictured above), and Siemens CF62T.

  • Verizon: Samsung A670 (fueled by a buy-one-get-one-free offer), LG VX6000, LG VX4500, and Audiovox 8600, with the Motorola v710 gaining in popularity.