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iRiver & H20 Audio want you to get your underwater MP3 on

Katie Fehrenbacher
Katie Fehrenbacher|September 21, 2004 11:10 AM
iRiver H20 Audio SV i700

We can just see the poolside Jenna Jameson ad for the iRiver's new MP3 waterproof accessory, though we're thinking she'll probably just stick to promoting iRiver's personal video player (unless maybe she's got a band brewing to add to the list of her weird crossover success—or getting paid a lot extra). But cashing in on what they imagine must be a huge market for extreme water sports tech gear, iRiver decided to team up with H20 Audio to launch the H20 Audio SV i700, a waterproof housing which works only with their iRiver iFP-700 Flash MP3 player and keeps it safe from water danger.