The OGO goes legit today

Peter Rojas
P. Rojas|09.27.04

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More or less right on schedule, AT&T Wireless bounced out the Ogo today, their new handheld for doing email, instant messaging (AIM, MSN, and Yahoo), and text messaging. They're totally taking aim at a little something you might have heard of called the Sidekick II (and its teen demographic), but the really genius or really dumb thing (depending on one's point of view) about the Ogo is that it's not actually a phone (though it does use GSM/GPRS and it does get assigned a phone number so it can receive text messages), and you're supposed to carry it along with your cellphone. It's being priced at $100 (after a $30 rebate), with service starting at $18 a month.

[Thanks, Brian]

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