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Questions about the Caller I.D. falsification (Caller ID Spoofing) service answered…


caller id spoofing

We tried out that new caller ID spoofing service meant for law enforcement agencies, private investigators and collection agencies. We were able to make calls pretending to be from satan (666-666-6666) as well as from pi (3141592653), fake movie people (555-555-5555) and lastly, Tommy Tutone (867-5309). How did we do this? With a new service from We interviewed their CEO, who explains how this all works and more. Read on…

Jason Jepson, CEO is about to launch a new service that spoofs the phone you?re calling so that it appears you?re actually calling from a phone number of your own choosing.

We caught up with Jason and threw a few questions his way. At the end we?ve included some pictures of the service in action.

Who is this service geared towards?
Our service is geared towards law enforcement agencies, private investigators and collection agencies.

Can your average person sign up to do this? (If not, why, and will they
ever be able to?)

No the average person cannot sign up to use our service.  We are looking at a consumer application but it will be nothing like the service we are offering now.

What are the costs? 
The cost is 19.95 a month (monthly service fee) and .7 to .10 cents per minute based on call volume. We also have seperate licensing fees for larger vendors.

Can any number be entered?
Yes any number can be entered from 123-456-7891 to a local owned DID to a ?trusted? number.  Depending on the service the company provides depends on the number they can enter.

Can you give us a general overview of how this works? Without giving away the secret of the product, of course.
We control the call from begining to end:  the length, the route, the access, etc, on either a PSTN line or VOIP.  As a user all you have to do is log in, sign off on the legal disclaimer, enter in the number you are calling, the number you would like to be called back at and the number you would like to show up on the caller ID.  Depending what service your company is offering (PI, law enforcement or collections) depends on what number you can enter. 

For collections we have DID?s for them so they can have a local number that routes back to their main office or their local representative. 

Depending on what circles you travel in, spoofing caller ID can be accomplished with many Voice Over IP services. Is this the same thing? 
No, it is not. The means in which people are spoofing caller ID over VOIP is illegal right now?and prank or no prank, it is breaking the law. Our service is legal.

What do you think of the future of caller ID? 
The future of caller ID is safe.  The Star38 service is for companies that are looking for people that have broken the law or a contract of a loan?like a CC, auto or home loan.  The average person does not fall into this category hence they can still trust their caller ID.  It is important to note, as I stated above?this is not for consumers, this is specialized for key industries.

caller id spoofing

caller id spoofing

caller id spoofing

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