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Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) launch date and price


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sony pspSony's PlayStation Portable, or PSP, will be released in Japan on December 12, 2004 - just 10 days after the Nintendo DS launches there.  Sony has set the price at 19,800 Yen, just under $200 US.  Sony is also promising 21 games out before end of year.  Confirmed launch titles will include Metal Gear Acid, Dynasty Warriors, Vampire Chronicle, Puyo Pop Fever, Hot Shots Golf, Ridge Racer, Need For Speed Underground Rivals, and Tiger Woods PGA Golf Tour.  As for battery life, Sony has gone on record to promise "between four and six hours for game titles and continuous four to five hours for video viewing."  Memory sticks, straps, and cases will be available at launch separately as well.  Looks like an early 2005 release for US and Europe isn't crazy talk.

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