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TiVo @ CES - next generation devices

Dan Wu
Dan Wu|January 6, 2005 2:08 PM

TiVo CEO CESWhile we know TiVo ain't exactly doing so hot, with a lot of the cable companies opting to build their own DVRs, so TiVo is shifting focus with their Tahiti strategy (code-name), which will look to find content from broadband sources as well as regular over-the-air, satellite, and cable broadcasts. TiVo Series 2 subscribers will be able to search and access (read: buy) broadband content a la carte (movies may be $3.99 a pop from the demo shown) and the desktop software 2.0 will allow users to consolidate music, photos, and video for use on their TVs.

The TiVo Desktop 2.0 looks amazingly fast, with decent playback quality on the PC from a TiVo source, but requires a password to playback (not something we exactly want to do every time we watch something). They will also be launching a high-definition digital cable ready DVR with CableCard and TiVo service built-in in 2006, which we think may be a little late and no mention was made how many tuners it will include (we hope at least two).

As we reported yesterday at Bill Gates' keynote, Microsoft is partnering with TiVo for easy playback of TiVo-recorded content on Windows Mobile devices with TiVoToGo. Sonic Solutions has also partnered up and the latest version of MyDVD Studio (6.1) will let users burn TiVo programming to DVD blanks for use anywhere.

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TiVo Press conf CES 1

TiVo Press Conf CES 2

TiVo HD CableCard Set top box