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Motorola planning lots more RAZR cellphones

Motorola planning lots more RAZR cellphones image
Motorola planning lots more RAZR cellphones image
Peter Rojas
Peter Rojas|January 21, 2005 6:48 AM
Motorola V3

The rest of the story is boring business stuff—they're posting record earnings, the company is facing new challenges, blah blah blah—but there is one little nugget in BusinessWeek's article about Motorola that should get all you fans of the RAZR V3 salivating: they're developing an entire line of RAZR phones that'll come in all sorts of different shapes and colors, including a candybar-style version called the Sliver that should be out later this year. Makes sense that Moto would want to capitalize on the RAZR V3's buzz, we'd already heard from a source within the company that they were working on a smartphone version of the RAZR with a mini keyboard, too.

[Via MobileTracker]

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