Pirate Pocket Mechanic, get your data booty plundered, matey

Ryan Block
R. Block|02.07.05

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Pocket Mechanic

Ahh, where software pirates meet apps that fight back; it's some serious legal gray-area over there, a place where stealing your software could get you anything from a stern warning message to a dead application install—or in some cases (if the developer is just sick and tired of people stealing their work) a wiped machine. Anyone remember CDRWin? If you gave it a pirated serial it would just take it without question and punish you by spitting out bad CDs all the time. Well, a bit more harsh is the maker of Pocket Mechanic, Anton Tomov, who programmed his app to hard reset (i.e. cause total data loss on) the Pocket PC of anyone with a blacklisted or artificially generated serial. Bitter, yes, but we're not prepared to say it's entirely unfair; unless it wipes the Pocket PCs of the innocent, in the wild west of tech you take your gear into your own hands with illegal software.

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