Old school MP3 players: totally vogue

Ryan Block
R. Block|04.25.05

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Ryan Block
April 25, 2005 12:03 PM
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Old school MP3 players: totally vogue image
Old school MP3 players: totally vogue image
Sony Music Clip

Okay, so maybe vintage MP3 players aren't totally vogue—but we know how fashionably influential the Antique Radio Club is (aren't they Rive Gauche?), and their latest winter/spring spread is so very flashback chic, modeled by none other than the Rave-MP 2100, the original Creative Nomad, the original Personal Jukebox PJB-100, and late 90s superstar Diamond Rio PMP300. It might please you to know the cover model is none other than Sony's Vaio Music Clip; how dernier cri.

[Via slashdot]

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