We like the iPods that go boom

Peter Rojas
P. Rojas|05.13.05

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Peter Rojas
May 13th, 2005
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We like the iPods that go boom image
We like the iPods that go boom image
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So some teen in Melbourne, Australia thought it'd be a smart idea to use a screwdriver to repair the water damaged iPod that he'd accidentally put through the wash. Probably wouldn't be a good idea to try and fix your iPod your damn self even if it hadn't just been soaked and agitated in sudsy water for 45 minutes (at least not unless you work at PortalPlayer), but apparently poking at a leaky iPod with a screwdriver is a most excellent way to get it to explode (which is totally unlike cellphones, which sometimes explode without human intervention). Everyone's ok, but the teen did manage to set his bed on fire.

[Thanks, Rakuza and Richmond]

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