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RFID is in the toilet

Thomas Ricker
Thomas Ricker|@trixxy|May 14, 2005 9:30 AM

We love any advances in toilet technology because, well it's the only room we can enter at Engadget HQ without escort. Today, AquaOne Technologies announces the H2Orb, an RFID-enabled water monitoring device that will recognize when your toilet is leaking, overflowing, or has an "open flapper" [insert joke here]. The device consists of three components: a tank sensor, a bowl sensor, and a control unit which includes an RFID reader and is powered by a standard coin cell battery which needs replacement every 5 years. If a sensor detects a problem, the RFID tag transmits this to the control unit which can emit an (audible) alarm or shut off the water supply. Think of all the tortured high-school freshmen this could save! If the alarm is a problem then an optional pager with RFID reader (for hotel housekeepers or pervs) can detect a toilet's status when within the 6-foot transmission range of the sensors. That's a nice start, but we'd like to see this integrated into a systems management solution - HP, you listening? The H2Orb will be available to the public beginning late August 2005, and retail for $89.95US - pagers will be priced separately.