Teddy Ruxpin gets with the times, goes digital

Barb Dybwad
B. Dybwad|06.16.05

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Barb Dybwad
June 16th, 2005
teddy ruxpin

Get ready for the official revenge of Teddy Ruxpin, childhood bedroom star of the 80's, slated to descend once again upon retail outlets this coming September. In version 2.0 we witness a major upgrade to the internal analog cassette method favored back in the day — Teddy's gonna be rolling with digital story cartridges that will be, of course, sold separately (three cartridges included with purchase). You'll want to set your calendars for July 1 when you can start placing pre-orders at $69.99 per Teddy. Happily, we don't think this unit will be reporting back to the mothership.

[Thanks, ax0n]

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