Firefly cellphone for kids reviewed

Marc Perton
M. Perton|06.18.05

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fireflyWe checked out the Firefly cellphone for kids a couple of months ago, and found it to be a pretty slick little device that could actually serve a specialized market. MobileBurn gave it a good working over, and agreed. Though they found the parental-control menus difficult to navigate, once the phone is set up, it's simplicity defined: kids can call mom, dad or 911 with a single button, dial other approved numbers via an address book, and incoming calls from unapproved numbers can be blocked. There's a little eye candy in the form of an animated "fireworks" display, and a handful of ringtones as well. While this is likely to be a hit with parents (who now have access to all sorts of gadgets to track their kids), we expect that tweens will quickly demand a "real" cellphone instead, while younger kids might need additional functions (i.e., games, music) to be enticed into carrying it.

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