Apple patent dug up docks iPod in PowerBook

Ryan Block
R. Block|06.30.05

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Ryan Block
June 30th, 2005
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Apple patent dug up docks iPod in PowerBook image
Apple patent dug up docks iPod in PowerBook image
Apple Patent iPod docked in notebook

You know how much we love patent applications—especially Apple's patent applications, since they love to stonewall everyone on their plans. Which is why we're totally giggling to ourselves at their latest to surface, which proposes iPod integration directly into a laptop. Granted, this patent application also proposes iPod docking into just about every device imaginable, including images of the device docked in a regular dock, speaker dock, wall mount, and so on. And yes, they specifically outline that the "[media player's] user interface may be the primary user interface of the notebook… for example, the touch pad of the media player shown… may be used to perform actions on the notebook computer." Take it for what it is though, people—something that not gonna happen by Apple's hand (at least not anytime soon).

It's also worth noting that a huge portion of the patent covers a "wireless media player system that includes a hand held media player capable of transmitting information over a wireless connection and one or more media devices capable of receiving information over the wireless connection," which could imply anything from PAN networks, WiFi devices, cellular data, to FM transmitters—so don't be too surprised to see Apple as the eventual sole patent owner of all wireless music and media transmissions.

[Via Macsimum News]

Apple Patent iPod docked in iMac
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